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Yavannamíre (Ya-va-na-meer-ay) is a towering forest-city overlooking the Aen'ithil river and the capitol of Melorn. The city is home to the Elves of the Arbor who dwell in narrow towers and treetop domiciles. The city is illuminated by dancing lights, flitting this way and that, and guarded by elf, beast, and ent.  


The Elves of the Arbor concede rule of their kingdom to the Great Trees, wise and long-lived ents whose deep roots span the kingdom of Melorn. Each dwelling is named after its own Great Tree, and the Yavannamíre tree for which the city was named stands tall at the city's center; an enormous tree of white bark and scarlet leaves that looms over several acres of woodland.  

Known Landmarks

  The Hanging Cages. Spherical cages grown from ironwood vines hang from oaken boughs, nearly 100ft from the forest floor. These cages are hung by giant eagles and house the city's criminals.   The Docks. Dozens of ships tied ashore of the Aen'ithil river while their captains trade or rest in the city proper. Treetop dwellings hang high overhead and the river water flows clear and quick nearby. The Nuriliath border is barely visible across the colossal river.   Yavannamíre. The Great Tree itself sits nearly a hundred feet wide in a colossal glade, blanketed by fallen red leaves and attended by Artosian priests.