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Demon Lord of Hatred

Considered by some to be the most vile of demon lords. Where the savage hordes of Baphomet revel in bloodlust, and delight in the smell of smoke and blood, creatures of Gorgoroth hold a cruel and bitter darkness; a desire to drive their foe to utter extinction. The willing minions of Gorgoroth brim with a cold malice.   Deep in Chaos , beset by the squirming maggots of the evil dead resides a city of burning streets and engines of war, where Gorgoroth dwells among the hateful dead.  

Tieflings of Gorgoroth

The horns of Gorgorothian tieflings are often reduced and occasionally blackened, as if by fire. Evil-aligned tieflings touched by hatred are known to be some of the most vile mortals to walk the realms, harbouring an endless hatred and desire to see the target of their loathing eradicated.