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Baphomet is the Demon Lord of Wrath and Brutality who claims dominion over most violent acts. Baphomet's corrupting influence is most often witnessed in war; a battle-hungry warrior compelled to continue fighting, or a bloodthirsty warmonger driven by bloodshed, battlefields fester with the twisted, violent influence of the Lord of Brutality.   The rage of Baphomet and his followers is too erratic and destructive to maintain a semblance of civilized construction, so the soldiers of Baphomet dwell atop a colossal bull of fire and brimstone that wades through the writhing soul-maggots of Chaos.  


Fortunately, none have yet returned from a direct meeting with Baphomet to give a proper description of his terrifying form. Unfortunately, many have tried.  

Fateborn of Baphomet

Tieflings touched by Baphomet tend to have thick, long horns often (but not always) curled toward their anterior like those of a goat. These tieflings tend to have wild tempers and a propensity for violent solutions. In the end, many succumb to Baphomet's influence and commit heinous, violent crimes or retreat to solitude where their innate rage can harm none but themselves. Some Baphomet Tieflings claim to commune with the Demon Lord directly in their fits of rage.  
True wrath is blind violence, a bloodlust. It's a rage that drives you forward, turning agony to delight, fear into desire. Wrath is razing the world to ash just to smell the smoke.   - Dirk Windreg, convicted of seventeen murders while allegedly under Baphomet's influence.


Baphomet has a variety of demons in his servitude, but prefers the bestial nature of Goristros and Barlgura.
A depiction of Baphomet as described by his worshipers.