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A barlgura is a hulking gorilla of red fur with eyes of burning coal; they are usually the result of a gorilla consuming fiends' blood. These beasts will defend their territories from wandering fiends, and though typically herbivorous, the bloodthirsty nature of some demons (those of Baphomet¬†and Yeenoghu most typically) will tempt the gorilla into drinking the felled demon's blood. At first taste, the beast is corrupted, gaining fiendish appearance and an insatiable bloodlust.   In scholarly circles, a barlgura is specifically a demon-tainted gorilla, but any orangutans, baboons and other primates are all known to kill and eat wounded fiends that wander into their territory and though each corrupted primate is different from the last, most commonfolk refer to any demonic primate as a barlgura.  


Howler Demons. Once howler monkeys that consumed fiends' blood, these demons hunt with terrifying agility and unpredictable acrobatics. Their howl precedes them, and they leap upon their victims with tooth and claw as sharp as any blade, leaving behind only unrecognizable mounds of flesh and blood.
Plural: Barlgura   Alternative Names: Limb-rippers, Howler Demons