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Ançilon Forest

A sprawling wood of spruce, pine and bloodwood trees. The Ançilon stretches nearly 150 miles westward from the fringes of Yavannamíre to the archaic human tower of Greymount, and eastward to Makura Bay.    In the deepest reaches of this forest the trees grow so large that three elves can walk abreast along the boughs, and best they do, for the beasts which dwell on the forest floor are hunters one and all.  


The forest is home to all manner of wildlife, as well as hermetic Artosian druids, fae spirits and the Wilderkin--a large clan of druidic orcs who hold the Denmother Artos close in prayer.  


The elves of Yavannamíre are wont to tell of the Aegis Eternal, a relic of mysterious design and unique power. Legends hold the Aegis was created by the Wilderkin orcs and is responsible for the unusually long-lived nature of their leaders.