Elyrian Desert

Claiming almost the entirety of Lokira west of the Sliirninor Mountains, the Elyrian Desert ensures the majority of the continent remains an arid wasteland. The life-giving Pialla Oasis, fed by several large tributaries which begin on the eastern side of the mountains before snaking their way around to the west, ensures most permanent settlements remain to the northeast of the desert. The capital city of Elyria csn by found along the Oasis' shores.


The desert is flat and expansive, allowing an unimpeded view of the Sliirninor Mountains to the east on cool days. Travel is best performed at night or close to dusk and dawn, allowing for more comfortable temperatures, not to mention ease of navigation to those without a compass.


Elyria remains the only notable tourist destination within the desert, its desert-conscientious architecture and close proximity to water allowing some semblance of comfort to those unaccustomed to the rapid temperature fluctuations of the area. Cactus beer, a staple to the locals, remains a popular novelty with visitors, who sometimes also pay the more nomadic Elyrians for short tours of the desert itself. These tours never wander far from the cities, and are often run by city dwellers merely pretending to live a romanticized version of the nomadic desert lifestyle, but they do ensure they travel far enough from the oasis to maintain the illusion for their paying guests.
Elysian Dunes by Alexandra Arvidal
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