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Maba'ji Wastes (Mah-ˈBah-Dgee)

From the Travel Journal of Barran Forefire

  South of the Khasooth Mountains, on the border between Shiabia and Trouwanna sit 3 single peaks, known as The Three Sisters. In their shadow, on the Shiabia side, lies acres upon acres of hard-packed desert scrublands known as the Maba'ji Wastes. The land here undulates slightly, giving some degree of cover to the small creatures that make their home here, and there are eroded paths where water must occasionally flow. It can't be that often, though. The region receives less than 20 inches of rainwater a year, or so our guide told us.   The vegetation is mostly small shrubs that have adapted to the lack of water, with deep taproots, small, succulent leaves, and thorny branches. Most of the fauna is tan or greyish-brown, to provide camouflage, and tends to be nocturnal, or only active at dusk and dawn, in order to stay out of the heat. Our guide tells me they also tend to conserve their natural bodily fluids. I did not inquire further about this. Some risk the thorns to gnaw on succulent leaves and seeds for both water and food. A few species need no water at all.   The region is roughly 20,000 miles square. There are few roads, and travelers are advised to bring extra water, food and supplies for repairs. If one has a problem in the Maba'ji Wastes, chances are that they will face it alone. Actually, travelers are advised not to enter the Wastes at all, but there are always some who prefer to risk it rather than to go around the long way. We were lucky to hire a competent guide, one of the Desert Lizardfolk.   Not that the land is completely uninhabitable. There are tribes of about 300 Desert Lizardfolk that call the region home. The tribe that I met are known as the Thraedra, and they and the other tribes proclaim themselves as being completely autonomous from the rest of Shiabia and do not acknowledge King Arka'an. Luckily, no one wants the Wastes, so nothing has happened to the Thraedra or their brethren as of yet.  
N.B: 1265 NE - Recently, the growing Laotatek Confederation may change that.
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