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Darkeast River Delta

In terms of wealth where the measure is how well off are the people, The Darkeast River Delta on the Talonscar River is among the richest places on Draconia. If you can handle the environment, that is. The delta is fraught with perils from quicksand and sinkholes, to 6m crocodiles, man-eating barracudas and swarms of pirhanna. Not including the fact that people in the delta are not friendly. They do not like disruptions in the monotony of their lives, and generally desire to be left alone. Black wings in general are anti-social and green wings do not like others, and the Nisslings that serve them have similar attitudes towards outsiders. However, if, against all odds, you earn the trust of Oolong Tesseract-Troi, you will find a welcoming community there.


The river delta is a flood plain that drains most of its water into the Great Wing Sea at low tide and floods into a large inlet during high tide.


The Darkeast River Delta is a thriving ecosystem of well managed fisheries and crocodile hunting, There are fisheries for all types of fish, but the most valuable are the largest. Carps, Catfish, Bass and Groupers are among the biggest and sell for a good rate per kilo. Saltwater crocodiles make their way up the river during high tide and end up creating a menace in the city of Darkeast. For this reason, the crocs are hunted to keep their numbers down, carefully regulated by the Druids and Moodoo in the area. Porpoises and Dolphins also occasionally get stranded with the tide, but they are rescued, not hunted as they don't create a menace.

Natural Resources

Salt production is a fairly large industry in the river delta as is kelp farming.
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