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Tal'leaque's Folly


The Folly Cliffs are cliffs. Cliffs on the west edge of the Realm. The west most part of Nur-ymir and the last of the Realm before the chaos of the World Sea.


The cliffs are a transition zone ecosystem. The energy, moisture and life from the World Sea is thrown up against the cliffs in the frequent storms and tidal shifts. Sandflats and tidal pool, rock formations and geysers are all found along these cliffs, and as you gaze up the sheer face of them cliffs you can see the varied and prolific life right to the top where Nur-ymir spills over like a foam and fog of roiling green.
Sea birds, cliff vegetation, climbing creatures, and all forms of life have adapted to the rough majestic nature of The Folly Cliffs.

Ecosystem Cycles

The twin consorts impact the ecosystem of the Folly Cliffs significantly. The large tidal changes can be very extreme of both consorts are full or new. Normally, the lunar cycle is moderated as the two consorts are more complementary then not in their own journey around the world of Az'atla, and this is a normal that the ecosystem manages. However, when the two moons align, the waters of the Out Ocean become forces of chaos which churns, crashes, crushes, exposes and provides those creatures and plants which survive such hardship a great opportunity flourish. 

Many have noted how resilient, cunning, aggressive and tough the animals that live in the Folly Cliffs are.


The Folly Cliff's exist because of the Paragon Tal'leaque. Long ago, some 50,000 years plus, Nur-ymir and the World Sea touched. There were no cliffs, just a gradual transition from the Green to the ocean.
Tal'leaque loved both, and spent most of their time on the shared beaches between the two regions. And, they noticed that the sand was killing the Green. It was slow, noticeable only after decades of observation. Inch by inch the touch of the World Sea was slowly killing the Green. He attempted to convince the other Paragon's that this was an issue of major concern, but they all agreed that it was the Will of the Devouring Mother? . And, Tal'leaque realized that there was something more important to them than the Lawful Will; Nur-ymir.

So, as much as the Realm all owes Tal'leaque for warning others and desiring to protect Nur-ymir from the ravages of World Sea, the Cliff's are not named after that idealism, but rather after Tal'league's repentance and recognition of their mistake.

The thousands of years that followed were hellish for Tal'leaque. They could do nothing, but watch as they witnessed what they perceived as the slow destruction of their homeland. It almost destroyed them.
Then on 8,454rR 1-Olaar-iht, the Realm shuddered. It was a cataclysm for many, the Great Shift of 8454Rs. And, when it was done, the cliffs had risen, all around the Realm.

Tal'leaque immediately fell to their knees and praised the power and Wisdom of the Devouring Mother fully understanding what their lack of future vision had almost cost them; their honour, soul and joy.

The cliffs are so name to remind us, that what we may perceive as destruction or loss, should not cause us to loose faith in Her Will.


Yes, quite a lot actually.
Adventure tourism.
Sight seeing.
Spas, food and beverage.
Almost every type of tourism can be found here.
It's all mostly safe. Very few deaths occur, mostly just injuries, not that many crippling as well. 

The Guild of Tourist has a strong presence in the three major settlements in the Folly Cliff's area.
The City of Tears, Viramir City, and Tals.
Alternative Name(s)
The Folly Cliffs, Bleed Cliffs, Tal'leaque's Choice
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