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True Home

Designate home of the Elves.
This city exists in the branches of the twelve giant trees of Nur-ymir.
There are no roads in this city, and trees slowly shift location and branches. The city is never in the exact same place, nor is it ever exactly the way you left it.
There are no permanent maps of the city as none can be made. It is organically growing and shifting as the giant trees dictate.   Home Trees are unique creatures in the realm. They are semi-sentient and can be directed by the House Lord which is affiliated with the Home Tree.   Home Trees are mobile.
Through a process of root shifts Home Trees move at the steady pace of a Elf’s walk. This speed can be increased as required by the House Lord. Faster pace means more destruction on the land through which the tree’s roots travel.
Also, a faster pace means that at some point the Home Tree must remain rooted in place to recover lost water, minerals, and sugars.
Locations on Home Trees are named after function or famous House Lords and are vertically based. So, Gate Branch is the level branches that citizens use to gain access to the Home Tree. This level of branches may also be called Door Branch, or Welcome Branch, or ... whatever the citizens decided to call it.
Generally all 12 Home Trees travel within limbs reach of each other. This allows for the citizens of True Home to conduct their daily business as they desire. The direction is determined between the 12 House Lords when they meet in council every week, or sooner as required.


3:5 High Elf
1:5 Human
1:5 Other (2:4 Orc, 1:4 Dwarf, 1:4 Exotic)
There are more Elves in the world then could be supported by True Home. Elves are encouraged to be nomadic by their elders and by the nature of True Home itself. Practically every Elf in the world can trace their linage back to True Home as it is a known fact that True Home is ... the True Home and birth place of Elves.
Each of the 12 True Blood Families of the Elves has house representative houses in each major city of the Empire. These representative houses facilitate communication, commerce and cultural homogeneity. They are supported by the Paragons and utilized by Paragons as needed due to the unique nature of True Home.


True Home is ruled by a King/Queen of a True Blood Family. TBFs are families that can demonstrate a historical lineage to the time when the Devouring Mother first created the Empire. There are currently 12 TBFs. Each politically competes with others through the formations of alliance, political plots and favour trading. In general Paragons avoid the political maneuvering of the TBFs preferring to develop relationships with the families where a general balance of power is maintained and beaurcartic stability that supports the Empire is maintained.
The 12 True Blood Families are (in order of strength of influence):   1)House yil-A’rrz (14% general population support)
2)House virit-B’mon (11% gps)
3)House kyre-C’erio (13% gps)
4)House jeriv-D’eion (7% gps)
5)House rhar-E’vori (9% gps)
6)House ast-F’ern (10% gps)
7)House tevra-G’ymin (5% gps)
8)House osala-H’onos (7% gps)
9)House ezvat-I’dions (6% gps)
10)House urldat-J’arta (5% gps)
11)House wyetz-K’todi (6% gps)
12)House preeta-L’inalt (7% gps)


The assets of True Home are typical of a major capital of any civilization. Any resource or service can be found in True Home.
It may be possible that a single Home Tree may not have the best service or the a significant amount of a resource, but each Home Tree is sufficiently independent of assets that they can leave True Home for extensive periods of time.


Southern Contiental Forest, Nur-ymir.
  "I have never seen such as this. No wonder Elves are such an arrogant people. This city is almost painful to look at. My eyes see everything, but my mind just recoils at the wonder of it. Twelve trees! Twelve trees that are so big my entire company can not surround a single trunk."
Dagur-Il - Orc HorseMaster
Alternative Name(s)
City of Walking.
60,000 - 140,000
Location under
Owning Organization

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