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The Noog Inn

Just your average inn in the City of Salimar at the Northern edge of Nur-ymir. This inn began its life several decades ago when the Orc family Noog purchased construction and licensing rights from the city counsel during a community redesigning. The inn remains at the corner of Shaft St and Bottoms Rd in the transition between the merchant quarter of Goolmy and the low residential quarter of Shiitsly.

Purpose / Function

The Family Noog eventual developed a great reputation in their neighbourhood and the surrounding areas around Salimar for providing excellent and economic victuals, beverage and lodging. The Nog's where a no nonsense family who ran an efficient and prosperous business. Many people from the surrounding quarters and many merchants passing through Salimar frequented the inn's common room. Upon occasion live music or theatre could be found at the Noog Inn.

The innovative use of peanut shells to cover the floor made the common room pleasant to be in. Spills and messes were easy to clear up, falls where cushioned, and the scents of your fellow drinkers where hidden with the pleasant smell of salted peanuts.


On or about the date of The 638 of 57th, Jista-iis - Tudag-Tenji the Noob family was murdered. This terrible crime was perpetuated by the Ruiners of Salimar, and immediately forced the sale of the Noog Inn.
The inn was purchased by a textile group and converted to a store house. The Noog Inn is now just an unlabeled store house having lost its following of patrons.
Serendipitously, just across the street a new inn run by an Orc family opened up soon after and has seen some moderate success. This inn is called - The Vivacious Venison.

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The Noog family was not murdered, but given new identities by the Medicament Brotherhood. The inn was completely burnt to the ground along with several close buildings. Paragons intervened, corrected any concerns regarding normal perceptions and rebuild any destroyed structures. They then arranged for the Inn's re-purposement and currently use the Inn as a deployment base due to increased Outcast activity in Salimar.
Alternative Names
The Noog
Parent Location

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