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Who is the Devouring Mother?

From the Medicament's Guide for the Reborn

“She is the Eternal Warrior, Empress and Mother, she from whom all law and civilization flow. She is the one who was at the beginning and will be at the end.” Paragon saying.

The Devouring Mother is the ruler of the Realm of the Lost Moon. Only her most trusted Paragon’s have seen her in person, and they will not speak of her physical appearance nor what she is like as a person. The Devouring Mother epitomizes all the values held by the Realm.

“ Lawfulness for she makes the Law. Discipline as her Paragons keep the Law. Justice as the Law applies to all. Knowledge as through learning can all achieve their goals, like her. Attainment for she has achieved the ultimate goal. Sacrifice because she is our mother and we sacrifice to her.” The Rule of Virtue.

While thousands of people have seen her, they are unable to describe what they saw as the experience of being in her sight is dazzling and disorientating due to the near divine nature she has. Once a year she travels through the Realm visiting every major city. It is during these visits that many citizens experience her presence and in love sacrifice their Breath to her directly. It is a great honour and the families of these people are rewarded well. Upon occasion a citizen will give up all of their Breath in an act of selflessness. These citizens are taken into her entourage. She herself is clear that she is not a goddess. But, she is also, by demonstration, the most powerful living creature in the Realm. There are divine beings, and many see their lack of intervention as a blessing of her, for if they did not approve would they have not dealt with her in some manner?

Because of the Devouring Mother education is free and mandatory, citizens are cared for when they sacrifice Breath to her, and those who are deathly ill or guilty of terrible crimes are cared for by the Medicament Order until they can be healed or their sentence is done. Justice is swift and almost never lethal, and Law exists so that any may attain equally based on their true merit.

"Meeda I'm scared." The light in Abiel's bedroom flickered. Today was a candle day. Abiel didn't like candle days, too many shadows. The city council had decreed that Fimmtu-Tenji and Tudag-Tenji were non-Ergy days. 
" A baby-doll, why? Is it the candles?" Abiel's mother snuggled up beside her daughter and tucked them both into bed together. She held Abiel tightly and nestled against her. Abiel moved so close to her mother. 
" Tomorrow's giving. Will it hurt?" Abiel whispered the question.
" No, darling. It won't. You know Deeda and I have given. And, also Needa."
" Yesss." Abiel looked up at her mother. "But, me.... will it hurt me?"
" Ah, my darling. No, but... if you don't approach the Mother with a joy-filled heart, she will pass you by." Abiel's mother slowly began to stoke her daughter's hair. She felt the worry leave Abiel, just a little bit.
" Ok, and if I get picked...."
" When...."
" When I get picked we'll be blessed, the whole family?"
" Yes, The Paragons will grant us a blessing, last year we chose tax exception."
" Ekzepton? .... ezepkton?" She had trouble with new words. Especially, words that weren't common.
" It's an adult word that means we keep all the money that we earn. It's a very good blessing."
Abiel closed her eyes enjoying the warm safety of her mother's presence. " What was the best blessing we received?" she asked quietly.
"Ah, well you know that, we received you baby-doll. The breath that woke you up came from a Brother themselves. So, you're my baby-doll and my great great aunt as well." Abiel was all most asleep.
"And, a cure."
"Yes, and the cure. When I gave breath, I thought of you." Abiel's mother gently kissed her sleeping daughter and gently left out of her bed. On the wait out, she blew out the candle.

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