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In the dank maze of interconnected tunnels and caves below the adult entertainment district of Kabukicho, lies a dark, other-worldly district run by a cutthroat band of yokai, called Akumakai. The residents don't hide what they sell under cute pictures and plays on words, unlike above ground. Advertisements are blunt and graphic.   The district flaunts sex-trade, species and organ trafficking, the most potent drugs, death matches, weapons auctions, group assassinations, adorable voodoo dolls that one can bind to multiple victims, and you name it. The Akumakai only open the gates to those they approve. Every human Yakuza clan has heard of the area, though they have given few access. Mortals rarely visit. If they do, they may not return.  

The Area

Sumichou is an enclosed ecosystem that is humid and warm year round. A constant haze hangs in the air and no one asks if it's from the factories creating designer street drugs, the smoke of those using them, or crystalized ki. Tour guides are available at a price, but watch your back or you may become part of the wares for sale. Weapons, street smarts, and magic are a must for survival here.  

The Cleanse

The only local weather phenomenon is a magically induced torrential acidic seawater dump to wash out the substances and residue even the locals can't stand to put up with. (This has nothing to do with any bodies produced by goods or services. Disposal of those is up to the residents that create the corpses.) The mages in charge of 'the Cleanse' usually give residents a day's notice before the floods and allow no exceptions from the waters. Hawkers are, of course, happy to sell you a trinket with a spell to survive if you can't provide your own. But buyer beware! There's no way to know if it will work, unless you're a ki user.      


In the last decade, residents of Kabukicho have begun to clean up their area and oust the yakuza and gangs. The crime goes underground to the tunnels and caverns. Most of the yokai community doesn't approve of this district, but the Akumakai have met all attempts to dislodge it with more barriers to protect Sumichou.   Only a few leadership upheavals have happened over the decades, the most recent was a few months ago. It ended with a gruesome beheading where the old leader's head was posted on a pike at the entrance. The new leader keeps a low profile. Is this is out of fear they too will be overthrown?

Darker Content

Mature and possible trigger topics are mentioned, but not discussed in depth in this article.


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Alternative Name(s)
角町, Kabukichou Underground
Underground / Subterranean
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None. Everything is imported from above ground

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Author's Notes

The name for this fictional area comes from the first character of Tsunohazu (角筈) - the original name for Kabukicho before it was drained of swap and converted into usable land. I figured the overlord of this undergound hive, might not be too original in their names and just keep part of the old one.

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