Crystal Row

The slum factory row where they churn out Crystalized Ki night and day.  


The purest powder goes for more than ¥10,000 milligram.   The Akumakai pawn lesser grades off into the Sumichou drug row for a fortune. They carry more of a health risk and are ridiculously addictive. The effect is much like a street drug—but as vitality and power. These lower grades sell for about ¥203,000gram.   The rumor mill says that the leaders of the Akumakai keep the best of the product for themselves. Is it for a purpose other than personal consumption? Who knows? But experts estimate the amount produced daily would make them stronger than any of the Kami. If that was the case, why are they only ruling the one small district? Perhaps they control more. But why not take over the world?    

The Cost

Breaking the constantly changing laws of Sumichou carries one of two prices:
  • Volunteer to 'donate' ki and be hooked up to the machine for 24 hours. If the offender survives, they're tossed out in the heap of barely breathing bodies behind the factory. Those that return home shamble along like zombies.
  • Work in the factories.

  •   Machinery is constantly being brought in to replace the broken sections.
      Workers don't last long, even in such a dark district, due to:
  • The psychological burden of watching each victim being drained of ki to almost the point of death
  • Breathing the lighter than air molecules of crystal floating in the air

  •   Once the worker breaks, they're hooked up to the machines before being shoved out the door.

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    Dead Zone
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