Heavenly Palace

Many consider the castle of twenty floors towering over all other buildings in the underground caverns of Sumichou to be the most hideous building in Japan and anything but heavenly. Though, no one would be caught dead saying so publicly, for fear of the wrath they'd incur. Even minor infractions bring the harsh punishment of being hooked to the ki extractors in Crystal Row.



The building is an unusual mix of modern steel and glass slanting at an angle combined with traditional white plaster and tile. Search lights comb the outside for intruders. The resulting reflections off the building can temporarily blind passers by. This leaves them at the mercy of apathetic crowds who may be as apt to shove the victims out of the way as to trample or rob them. A few reports float through Sumichou that all three have happened at once.   Surrounding the castle and its outbuildings is an acid moat and two-story stone wall. A sentry tower stands on each corner. These hold powerful mages. From the glass and steel eye decorating the tower, the Akumakai broadcasts all information for the mobile app that runs every aspect of life.



Headquarters for the Akumakai and the seat of judgement for the underground district. While the ruling class calls these judgements 'justice', the lower classes whisper they're 'crimes against all Yokai'.   With in the last few years, without fail, the Oyabun of the Akumakai sentences every accused to serve at the factories to help create the main product of the area, Crystalized Ki. More often than not, it's a death sentence. Those who survive are so mentally and physically scarred, they're called 'zombies'. If they have enough wits about them, they attempt to flee Sumichou.

Darker Content

Mature and possible trigger topics are mentioned, but not discussed in depth in this article.

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Alternative Names
天宮殿, Tengyuuden
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