Sumichou Techo

Who wrote this app, anyway? The odd mix of creepy-cute interface, bad spelling, rude warnings about the cleanse, and threats of access removal gives me the heebie jeebies.
— random resident
  An oni mask on a hot pink background and stark black text greet you when you open the app that runs all aspects of Sumichou society.



  • Control over entry to and exit from Sumichou.
  • Directions and maps for all locations in the district. Keep your phone charged at all times, especially if you go deep into the Sumichou Caverns. The app is your best bet to avoid being eaten by the hungry hunting denizens.
  • Crystalized Ki ration card.
  • Alerts. It's essential to know when the Cleanse will happen, so you can take shelter or protect yourself magically. You get a minimum of two notifications, one the day of the event then a two-minute warning before the floods come rushing in.
  • Location and communication tracking.
  • Shit! My crystal ration just got cut. How did they see what I did yesterday?
    — Palace Guard



    The Akumakai requires residents to have the app on their phone for entry and id in Sumichou.
    Don't have a phone? It'd be better to sell your soul than be caught without. They've thrown people into Crystal Row for less.
    — Containment Unit Soldier



    Most Yokai are not tech savvy. So the author of the app would have had a human college education or would have attended Kyoto Jidai Arcane University. The latter is most likely, though a few yokai will risk discovery to attend human universities.


    Social Impact

    Residents have a love hate relationship with the app that the Akumakai requires.   Negatives include apathy toward the alerts, residents using their cash to buy a phone instead of supporting the local economy, and reduction in the population of the district due to harsh penalties for app use violations.
    I just ensure I'm in a building at all times to fend off the worst of the buffeting from the Cleanse. Seriously, when are they gonna let up with these constant alerts?
    — resident from the Flowers and Swords Ward
    The few positives residents mention are that you’re never lost in Sumichou and that the Wi-Fi reception is the best in Japan.


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