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Okamoto Megumi

Savvy owner of Exotics Emporim pet and servant shop

563 words

Exotics Emporium

Pet shop specializing in the rarest pets and young trainable servitor yokai

537 words

Dimensional Pocket

The most stable form of magical storage

667 words

Ring of the Rising Sun

Eight famous weapons that allow their owner to become the Shogun

568 words

Ki Draining Arrow

A weapon banned by the League for being too deadly and using forbidden magic

435 words

Containment Unit

The highly specialized peace keeping / cleanup unit of Sumichou

667 words

Tezuka Hisashi

Questioner at the Heavenly Palace. He tests all newcomers for potential placement in the Palace Guard and the Containment Unit

609 words

Post Cleanse Drowning

If you survive the flood, the secondary effects still kill you

598 words

Codename: Baku

The tech guru of the three leaders of the Sumichou Underground

601 words

Sumichou Caverns

Network of caves under Kabukichou

871 words

Codename: Phoenix

The most elusive of the Sumichou Underground leadership

509 words

Kojin's Tears

Whether it be from sadness or joy, a kojin's pearl tears are priceless

522 words

vssCollab Challenge

VSS story snippet threads, our best ones in a zine and a read aloud stream

2216 words

Sumichou Techo

The app that runs life in Sumichou. Don't get caught with out it!

632 words

November 2021

Our poll based challenge for Nov. 2021

54 words

The Cleanse

A magically induced flood that sweeps Sumichou clean. Seek protection NOW!

572 words

Kyoto Jidai Archane Corporation

The archane spells sales offshoot of Kyoto Jidai Arcane University

362 words

Hatada Shiro

A young Kojin slave who weaves beautiful sea silk fabric

744 words

vssCollab Challenge Media Kit

TL;DR + Images and Tweets for sharing about vssCollab

832 words

One Judge's Perspective on Articles

Write your best article! Tips from a World Ember and Summer Camp Judge

937 words

vssCollab Prompts

Need the current prompts? Want to see the words we've covered so far?

77 words

STATE OF THE FOX - Dec 26, 2021

Guardian progress, vssCollab, Jan 22 craft stream, WE news, slowing down

635 words

VSS - 2022-01

Twitter Length Stories: Pulling Strings, The Search

1816 words

shyredfox Progress so far

16024 words 160.24% completed!

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Amy Winters-Voss, also known as Shyredfox, is author of the urban fantasy novel Rise: The Liminal Chronicles. She adores Japan and textile arts.   Other projects she's involved in include:

  • Founded the Anvilite Streamers Corps (a writers, worldbuilders, artists, and TTRPGers Twitch streaming network) and streams several times a week.
  • Runs the vssCollab Twitter based flash fiction challenge and corresponding In Threads zine
  • Writes the Kreative Kaiju zine. It takes a whimsical look at the monsters that keep creatives from being their best. If we can remove the fangs from something, we can conquer it.

  •   Amy was also an organizer for the first WritersCONduit, a grassroots online writers conference. In 2021 she wrangled the calendar, helped with the website, and presented as a panelist and streamed in several panels ranging from beta editors and critique partners to mythology and folklore.  
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      If you can't catch my stream, be sure to catch other member streams!   If there's a topic you'd like covered DM me on discord or shoot me an email amywintersvoss(at)
    tutorials, textile arts, writing, worldbuilding
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    Interests & Hobbies

    learning Japanese, walking, fiber arts of all kinds (especially nalbinding and dyeing)

    Favorite Writers

    Terry Pratchett, Dennis Taylor, Gail Carriger, Jack Campbell, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Susan Spann, Nathan Lowell, Glynn Stewart, Larissa Brown, David Eddings, Judson Roberts, Ann Aguirre

    Favorite Games

    Gimme the Brain, Fluxx, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Starfarers of Catan, D&D (though it's been ages since I played)

    Latest Loved work

    Beta Read - Spirits of the Relentless

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