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Containment Unit

...that bakeneko of yours—keep him happy. Teams will vie for his favor as tech competent yokai are hard to come by. The Containment Unit already says it has dibs.
  Due to its criminal nature, the Akumakai doesn't use a police force. Instead, the might holding back complete chaos in Sumichou is the Containment Unit and the Palace Guard. Avoid getting tangled up in a debacle with these merciless squads at all cost. Their modus operandi is extermination, unless the trouble makers show recruitment promise.



The miasma and pollution in the underground caverns run rampant. So Containment Unit deals with only the worst of it to ensure that yokai survival is assured. the Cleanse handles the rest.   Almost daily, they deal with idiots who let the Eyeless Ones get out of control. But they also clean up crystalized ki released into the air (which can cause major breathing issues), ensure that large masses can be flushed in the Cleanse, and no invasive species enter Sumichou.



Heavy Containment

The heavy fighting is done by a group of yuurei, who by nature lack a physical body. Each yuurei member controls a heavily armored robot body through a tether to their ghostly magic. They can float above the chaos for their own safety.  
by Luvdat
The tethering/detethering process is time and ki consuming, as ghosts are usually tightly location bound. But the transfer breaks the location connection and reattaches the ghost to the assigned mech. Sometimes during the process, the yuurei’s energy depletes to the point they end up being extinguished. Never-the-less, the opportunity for locational freedom in Sumichou means the waiting list is long.


Tech Crew

This group maintains the mechs for Heavy Containment, performs surveillance to head off major threats for the populace and search for recruits. They also ensure that the beast that feeds on the flushes in the Cleanse stays in its cage.   Tech competency is uncommon. It's extremely rare for a yokai to manage magic with tech. Only a few figure it out the combo on their own. But those with a head for tech can more easily pick it up. Commander Yamato quickly snags yokai with strong STEM backgrounds through bribes to Tezuka, the heartless questioner at the Heavenly Palace's North Gate.
Head Agency
Sumichou City Administration
Lead By
Commander Yamato Shin

Yamato by Artbreeder


Releasing the eyeless ones on palace property is a serious crime that could cost countless lives unless they're dealt with immediately.
— Commander Yamato



The unit's lawyer started a suit against The Eyeless Ones Rental Agency. Unfortunately, they expect this to be a multi-decade fight. The Eyeless Ones are far too useful in Sumichou's economy.   Another issue they face is that the Akumakai cut their group's crystalized ki ration when Commander Yamato got in a tiff with the Palace Guards. Yamato now prides himself on a ki efficient force.

Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)
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