Ring of the Rising Sun

We had Tokugawa Iemasu hide the legendary sword Honjou Masamune by surrendering it to the Americans after WWII. It was the last mythological weapon we expected to show up. Now, every item in this collection resides in Japan, yet again. The situation has become far too dangerous.
— Head of the Blade’s Sacred Flame

When eight famous weapons from myth and history come together, they allow their owner to become the Shogun of Japan.


The Collection

Honjou Masamune
Katana made by legendary swordmaster Gorou Nyuudou Masamune
Atakiri Muramasa
Wakizashi made by legendary smith Sengo Muramasa
Ame no Nuhoko
Naginata used by the kami to raise the islands of Japan
The Swordsmith on Mount Inari by Ogata Gekko,© Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Sword used by the God of Thunder and Emperor Jimmu
Ame no Makakoyumi
Devine bow used to subjugate defiant deities
Small fox blade forged by Sanjou Munechika and the god Inari Ookami
Oni Slayer - Blade that Watanabe no Tsuna used to cut off Ibaraki Douji's arm
Kintaro's axe
Used to defeat many monsters of legend



This legend is obscure. The secretive Blade’s Sacred Flame has the lone document mentioning the name, list of weapons, and the tie with the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu under lock and key.  
by Surang
They split up the collection after WWII since Japan could no longer afford to have a Shogun conflicting with the new democratic government and the now symbolic Emperor.   The Blade's Sacred Flame stores the original document wrapped in a specific flag. No other reference to this symbol exists, but the Blade's Sacred Flame considers it to be more important than their own secret identification.
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Kyouku jitsu no wa
Ring of the Rising Sun
by Public Domain, Freepik, AWV
Date referenced
1603, when Tokugawa Ieyasu became Shogun
Cultural Note
8 is the number of good fortune
Recorded in modern times by
Shitani Daisuke
Date of First Recording
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One seer said there were more weapons that could be used in the set and pointed to Tokugawa Ieyasu's massive collection as proof. Unfortunately, the prophetess disappeared a century ago and her name was lost to history. It is unclear if she meant a collector could swap these weapons in for items on the original list or if a collector could use them to increase the power of the set.

Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


Author's Notes

Totally fictional - put together from WWII and before flag and the idea of a collection of historic and legendary weapons. Renown weapons, especially swords, were kept in the family for many generations. The Tokugawa clan had quite a few historically important swords.   References

  • 12 Magical Weapons From Japanese Mythology to Know About
  • Masakari (鉞) - The Samurai's War Axe
  • Kintaro, the Golden Boy

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