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Kojin's Tears

Whether it be from sadness or joy, a kojin's tears are priceless.

Kojin by Hero Forge + AWV
Throughout the world, pearl tears are highly prized. The Yokai, who know their true origin, especially value the gems.   When a Kojin cries liquid mother-of-pearl streams down their face. Upon contact with the air, it hardens to a solid pearl in minutes.



The tears form a soft, lustrous, organic pearl in a droplet shape or streak stick. They vary in color from pure white to light tints of yellows, oranges, pinks, and silver. Magic from the Kojin's well is infused in the gems to bring the bearer a little extra luck, and gives the gem a slight blue glow.   Note: The liquid mother-of-pearl needs to be kept from impurities or the pearl will be worth far less. Some jewelers will coat other precious materials in hojin tears to carve a pattern in the pearl layer.


Cultural Significance

To the kojin, the pearl tears are a symbol of devotion or gratitude. They only willingly give their tears to those they have a strong bond with.



It’s impossible to replicate kojin tears. But if one can gather enough of them in liquid form, one can create large sheets of magical mother-of-pearl. Production gained traction after WWI, but quickly became illegal.


Laws and Regulations

The kojin are a compassionate species and will do their best to repay every favor, refusing to be in anyone's debt. A kojin may give tears, as repayment for good deeds or to help those they have deep friendships with. Though, they've become a wary lot over the centuries due to being taken advantage of. This isn't just to protect their emotional health. If a kojin is forced to cry continually, their tears degrade in quality.   The kojin population declined severely from continual roundups. Greedy businesses wanted to create large sheets of magical mother-of-pearl. To protect the sea dwelling shark creatures from extinction, Yokai courts enacted the "Kojin Protection Law" to keep the species from being hunted and exploited for their tears. It helped for a while, but in the end it made the kojin a target in the underground.
a biological secretion of aragonite (mineral plating) and conchiolin (an organic glue) that quickly crystalizes
occurs when the pearls come in contact with chemicals such as cleaners, perfumes, cosmetics, hair care products, and pollutants. The atmosphere in Sumichou is very hard on the pearl tears.
Common Uses
jewelry, pourable plating for ornate carving
¥15k-500k, depending on quality and amount of magic infused in them
uncommon for average tears, extremely rare for the most perfect ones
irridescent white, golden, pink, or dark grey
Related Species

Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


Author's Notes

The kojin tears in Liminal Chronicles are adapted from and embellished upon Japanese myths. See the Kojin entry at yokai.com.

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