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Thanks for visiting the ASC Network!   We are a community for the World Anvilites who do internet streaming, broadcasting, podcasts, etc. - on Twitch, Youtube, and other outlets to share information, our streams, calendars, to support each other and work together.  
Building worlds. Building community. Building up people.
— ASC Motto
  Our code is the heart of who we are as a group. Our adherence to it shows our character.

The ASC Code

Our purpose is to help our fellow World Anvil streamers and producers. We grow together and have power in unity.
We support, coordinate, promote, raid each other on twitch (if you stream there or whatever your platform allows), etc. If you overlap with someone - raid or do a stream together sometime.
WA requests that we not stream at the same time they do.

Our values:

  • We're a team. We support each other.
  • We are kind, polite, and respectful of others.
  • We don't speak badly of our members or other broadcasters.
  • We don't do things to take away viewers from others.
  • We mentor newbies and welcome them.
  • We advertise for the network.
  • We respect our viewers. It’s one thing to have, say, a political opinion--quite another to put viewers down because they disagree, or to sexually harass someone. Harassment has no place in our community.
  • Streaming makes us public figures, so we keep that in mind when we speak.
  • World Anvil is the heart and lynchpin of our existence as streamers, so we consider this in how we represent them. They have listened to us and graciously allowed us a chapter like group, a fan community of sorts. We can't speak for them or overide their business interests.
  • We follow our platform's Rules of Etiquette.
    Twitch Etiquette

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    • If the blue box says UTC is ahead of your time by X hours you are UTC-X.
    • If the blue box says UTC is behind your time by X hours you are UTC+X.
    • Remember the switch to and from daylight savings time changes the offset.
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