Applying to the ASC

We want to be as welcoming and open a group as possible. We have a few requirements, just to make sure the group's goals are met and that we don't have people using the ASC only for the calendar and not giving back to the group or supporting World Anvil.   

The ASC Code

Our purpose is to help our fellow World Anvil streamers and producers. We grow together and have power in unity.
We support, coordinate, promote, raid each other on twitch (if you stream there or whatever your platform allows), etc. If you overlap with someone - raid or do a stream together sometime.
WA requests that we not stream at the same time they do.

Our values:

  • We're a team. We support each other.
  • We are kind, polite, and respectful of others.
  • We don't speak badly of our members or other broadcasters.
  • We don't do things to take away viewers from others.
  • We mentor newbies and welcome them.
  • We advertise for the network.
  • We respect our viewers. It’s one thing to have, say, a political opinion--quite another to put viewers down because they disagree, or to sexually harass someone. Harassment has no place in our community.
  • Streaming makes us public figures, so we keep that in mind when we speak.
  • World Anvil is the heart and lynchpin of our existence as streamers, so we consider this in how we represent them. They have listened to us and graciously allowed us a chapter like group, a fan community of sorts. We can't speak for them or overide their business interests.
  • We follow our platform's Rules of Etiquette.
    Twitch Etiquette
If you run into problems, contact one of the admin.   

Requirements and application for Anvilite Streamers Corps:

  • Have a World Anvil account for at least 1 month. (This is to avoid people creating an account to use our signal boosting, then leaving. See ** below if you have an account younger than 1 month.)
  • Have an active world. We'll be checking new profiles. If you haven't updated anything on World Anvil for more than 2 months, please make an effort to do so. (We understand things like emergencies, major book edits, kick starters, etc. happen and take alot of time. We won't delete your calendar on our side, just hide it until you are active again. Though exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. Please talk to us for this.)
  • Be a member of the World Anvil Discord
  • You must have World Anvil content in your streams. (This can be things such as working on your world, making a map for your world - and referencing back to WA for names and other things, writing a story related to your world - and referencing WA for things in it, etc. But let people know how it relates to World Anvil.) We work alongside them and wish to share the goodness of the worldbuilding platform. Secondhand Samurai#3947 will be verifying content, since we are under the WA umbrella now. You can ask him to verify before applying to speed up the process.
  • If you're a brand new streamer please start streaming WA related content, and check with Secondhand Samurai#3947 if you don't already have the Streamers role.
  • Your content must be allowable on the platform you stream or broadcast on. Familiarize yourself with the platform's requirements.
  If we need to add more details to these requirements - the membership will decide on the update to the requirement.  


Please know that members will try 'raid' you when they can. This is a good thing. It will bring you viewers and likely followers. Please be gracious and thank them for the raid and for coming. The raiding streamer didn't have to raid you and share their viewership with you. Yes, it interrupts what you are doing, but it really is a benefit in the long run! It's part of how we support each other. If you'd like to learn more, check out this video.  


Please use non copyrighted music in your streams. The DMCA can mute your stream. So look into options like the NCS channel on Youtube or for your streams. Also note where your music was from in your credits. This is to protect your streaming/broadcasting channels.    

To apply:

Copy the template below, fill out the info. (Make it easy on us, please. We are doing this for you. Don't make us hunt info down. It will only slow down the process.)  
  • Your email (Remember you're making it easy for us to help you!):
  • Your full Discord ID (It should look like this: ShyRedFox#1234):
  • Full URL link (with https://) to your World Anvil profile:
  • Full URL link (with https://) to your streaming platform channel(s):
  • Main topic: (Pick only one from the list below, please. This is how we will color code your channel for the network calendar. You can request a different option not on the list. Let us know in the email. You can also request a change of color/topic later. Just email us to let us know. You can list other topics on your member profile page.)
  Choose your MAIN TOPIC OPTIONS (pick only *ONE*)
  • worldbuilding
  • art
  • music
  • writing
  • RPG
  • gaming
  • tutorials
  • various
  Then send it to wa.streamers+membership(at) (Yes it's really with the +membership. Google allows a +(whatever) so you can sort and filter things easily.)   Once verified, we'll email you and you will have access to the directions on how to add your own streaming calendar to the network calendar, and the Network icons, posters, etc.   

How Long Will It Take For My Membership to Be Reviewed?

We are volunteers. Sometimes we may be super quick about getting this done. Sometimes it might take a little longer. Our goal at this point is to process membership about once a day.


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