GM's Day

Today is International GM's Day, and we're celebrating by highlighting some of our RPG content streamers! These are Game Masters who not only do all the wonderful things that GMs do, they stream what they're working on and how they come up with their ideas. Some even stream the process of designing their own game systems, or offer advice to newer GMs! We invite you to check them out and see what their streams might have to offer you.  


On his own channel, Aegon streams D&D 5e worldbuilding, character creation, concept and game design. As RoleSociety, Aegon and his crew stream their campaigns - and they're a lot of fun to watch!  

Barbarossa Sparklebeard

Barbarossa streams world creation with D&D 5e game play in mind. He's friendly and welcoming, and sets his worlds in a variety of genres.  

Charon J Fox

Charon Fox, also known as Johan Wq, streams his ongoing adventures in creating his Arabian Nights-inspired D&D 5e world and his modern horror setting. He's been streaming longer than most of us, and he answers questions and encourages his audience.  


DaniAdventures is a writer of interactive RPG fiction. She streams her world creation and writing in her universes, and encourages others to write with her. Suitable for younger viewers as well as adults.  


Davina is a Pathfinder 1e GM who uses the system to create content heavily influenced by the World of Darkness. She says that she has now made so many adaptations that she has basically created her own system. There's no one who is a better source of information on the World of Darkness or gothic horror games in general. She also streams amazing World Anvil tutorials for less experienced users.  


Dhelian is our local king of fantasy map-making. Whether it's for gaming, writing, or wargaming, he is a wealth of information and tips on making excellent maps, from world design to battle maps.  


SirSwank streams worldbuilding for their campaign world, and RPG rules and enhancements, primarily for D&D 5e. They love to chat about RPG gaming in general, and they're a lot of fun.  


DMStretch is an experienced GM in Pathfinder 1e and D&D 5e. He streams worldbuilding in his gaming worlds, and he is known in the community for his ability to whip up monster statblocks like nobody's business. He also occasionally streams one-shot adventures with ASC members and other players. From time to time he does collaborative RPG building streams with GamezGM and other community members.  


Enazel hasn't been streaming recently, but when they do, they stream RPG game prep twice a week.  

Erin Righ

Erin Righ is an OG GM who streams on his wife's Twitch channel. Twice a week, he hosts a popular show called "Ask an Old GM" which is focused on offering GMing advice and helping Game Masters and Anvilites with their RPG articles. He also GMs a weekly livestreamed ongoing story-based Pathfinder 1e game. He has GMed just about every system you've heard of, but the bulk of his experience is in Dungeons & Dragons (original to 3.5e), and his preferred system is Pathfinder 1e. He is occasionally joined by his wife Sable Aradia, who has more experience in GMing the World of Darkness than he does.  


Esong streams D&D 5e game creation content, although she hasn't been streaming much recently due to work and health issues. She is a relatively new GM, and watching her enthusiasm for the game is a real joy. She's a teacher in her day job, so she is also excellent at explaining things and making everyone feel included. She's a fan of Kobold Press, for which she blames Erin Righ. Suitable for younger viewers.  


EtaliaC hasn't been online for a while, but when she is, she streams writing and RPG creation content, with the occasional mapping or art stream. She's friendly and fun to watch!  


Geekz is relatively new to the ASC, and they stream D&D 5e campaign preparation, DM Tips, and their 5e campaign Relics of Orchid. They're enthusiastic and fun!  

Harold's Table

Harold, also known as Starlocke, streams RPG game creation in fantasy and modern sci-fi settings. He makes extensive use of Foundry VTT, and is a solid authority on VTTs and battle mapping. He also has a nerdy offbeat sense of humour that makes his streams amazing fun. I think he's a seriously underrated streamer who deserves a bigger audience. Suitable for younger viewers.  


Laura is a writer and a GM who streams her writing, her worldbuilding, and her game prep. From time to time she features interesting special guests, and co-streams with other ASC members. Her sarcastic sense of humour makes her a lot of fun to watch.  


Laxyak hasn't been streaming lately, but when they do, they stream writing, worldbuilding, gaming, art, music, and RPGs.  


Among the many things that writer and artist Lethann streams, she includes worldbuilding for RPG prep. Her structure is usually centered around "progress sprints," which are focused periods of work followed by dedicated breaks. She's also a fan of Stream Raiders. She actively encourages the community to explore their own creativity and get things done.  

Lyraine Alei

Lyraine streams worldbuilding and campaign prep in her D&D game world, Corive. She has an infectious personality that encourages friendly chat and sharing ideas.  


RPGDinosaurBob is an OG GM who started with D&D 1e back in the day. These days, he creates content in Pathfinder 2e and D&D 5e, with VTT integration. He is a wealth of gaming and world creation information, and makes extensive maps for his players. Occasionally he streams one-shot games with other ASC members.  


Tillerz is the master of RPG sheet creation on World Anvil. If you want a sheet in just about any given system, just let him know. Most of the sheets on World Anvil have been created by him; and watching a pink anthropomorphic rabbit in a hat swear is just fun on its own. Come for the sheet creation, stay to get some tips on advanced CSS!  


Timepool is an amazing artist, and they stream mostly art creation for gaming and RPG illustration. They have a penchant for the weird in their illustration, and the absurd in their worldbuilding.  


Toblin streams exclusively RPG content. He is also one of the rarest of birds; he is designing his own leveless RPG system. His universe has both a fantasy setting, and a cool future post-apocalyptic magic-cyberpunk setting, with no humans. He talks about the special considerations of creating and running an RPG setting - and he's fun to just have a total nerd-out chat with.  


Wolfdrake, also known as Wargulf, hasn't been streaming lately, but when they do, they worldbuild and campaign prep for their D&D campaign in their world Asphodel. They also do occasional mapmaking, and answer questions about RPGs.  


Zog sometimes doesn't stream for extended periods of time, because he serves in the United States Air Force. But keeping an eye on his channel is worth it, because he worldbuilds in his campaign worlds, including an early Industrial Revolution setting, and his sci-fi space opera universe. He also gives GMing advice, answers RPG questions, and offers CSS tutorials and help.     As you can see, we have a lot of RPG related content, and gaming is a big deal for us around here! Check out our calendar to see the full streaming schedule of the ASC members, and come chat with us about our favourite hobby!


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