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Welcome to the world of Liria!

  An ancient and new world, long lost technology lies dormant and undiscovered. Great magic once only the domain of the Elves now permeates the world. Science and Magic have come together and clash as new powers and new technology are unearthed. The once superior, powerful, and repressive Elven Conclave was laid to waste after the great rebellion and the other races have striven for the nearly the last 2000 years to reclaim their own destinies. The ever-expanding Shizoku empire continues to grow, the once-powerful elves, now a pariah in their own lands, strive to once again regain their power and status, and the rest of the world holds its breath as they get caught in-between. Ancient darkness only in deep memories of the oldest is making its return. What discoveries lie ahead in the ruins of the past? How long until the world once again burns in the fires of war? What darkness is creeping over the land? Will you find glory or defeat? Who will rise and who will fall? Only time will tell as it passes by on the world of Liria.