ASC Events

What is this?

Throughout the year, there are many creative events and challenges. This page is to not only to tell you who is doing what so we can hype them up and support them, but it is also to let you know how to join in.

Remember, for the challenge events, you do not need to stream to take part! These calendars are for viewers to see who is on and ASC Members to organize their streams to avoid clashes and to raid/support each other.

Any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below; or ask me (Heffé) on Discord (you should be able to find me on the WA Discord)..

Events Calendar

If you'd like to plan ahead, here are some events to look out for in the future. If you have any requests for an event, message me (Heffé) on Discord or comment below and we'll see what we can do!

Would you like the calendar displayed in a different timezone?

Click on the dropdown menu and click your timezone to open a new tab with a calendar converted to that timezone.

*If you're not sure what your UTC offset is:

    • Under the green box there is a link to set your location.
    • If the blue box says UTC is ahead of your time by X hours you are UTC-X.
    • If the blue box says UTC is behind your time by X hours you are UTC+X.
    • Remember the switch to and from daylight savings time changes the offset.


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