The ASC Code

Our code is the heart of who we are as a group.   
Building worlds. Building community. Building up people.
  Our adherence to the code shows our character.

The ASC Code

Our purpose is to help our fellow World Anvil streamers and producers. We grow together and have power in unity.
We support, coordinate, promote, raid each other on twitch (if you stream there or whatever your platform allows), etc. If you overlap with someone - raid or do a stream together sometime.
WA requests that we not stream at the same time they do.

Our values:

  • We're a team. We support each other.
  • We are kind, polite, and respectful of others.
  • We don't speak badly of our members or other broadcasters.
  • We don't do things to take away viewers from others.
  • We mentor newbies and welcome them.
  • We advertise for the network.
  • We respect our viewers. It’s one thing to have, say, a political opinion--quite another to put viewers down because they disagree, or to sexually harass someone. Harassment has no place in our community.
  • Streaming makes us public figures, so we keep that in mind when we speak.
  • World Anvil is the heart and lynchpin of our existence as streamers, so we consider this in how we represent them. They have listened to us and graciously allowed us a chapter like group, a fan community of sorts. We can't speak for them or overide their business interests.
  • We follow our platform's Rules of Etiquette.
    Twitch Etiquette


Since we are a chapter-like fan group of streamers and broadcasters under World Anvil (WA) but not a part of the World Anvil business, here are some guidelines.  

Guidelines for Posting Events to the ASC Calendar and WA Server

A few cases have been brought to ASC's attention where people are streaming non-World Anvil topics and software and posting it here on the WA server. Since we are a fan group of WA and yet some wish to stream non-WA topics, here is a summary that includes guidance we received from WA.   We will not restrict what you can stream, just what gets posted on the ASC Network calendar, the WA server, and promoted by WA. If people repeatedly post streams to the WA server and ASC calendar that aren't WA related (as defined below), we will remove them from the ASC membership roster and their streamer role on the WA server will be removed. We are guests on WA’s server and need to respect that they need to preserve WA interests.    1.  Since this is WA's server, we can only post WA related streams to the WA server (the #anvil-streams channel, or anywhere else). ASC will follow this rule for the calendar. So our requirements have tightened.   2. By WA related streams we mean working on your world with WA, using WA for your writing*, making a map for your WA world**, art related to WA, the occasional RPG game based on a WA world, etc.   * Since WA now includes writing software, please don't use other software in your streams for writing. If you use Scrivener for writing your book related to your WA world, but want to stream it there are two options. 
  • If you put the event on the ASC calendar, it should use WA software. (You can copy/paste into Scrivener, Google Docs, etc. later if needed). If you wish to copy and paste from WA into other software - please be discreet. (Don't say "I'm going to past this into Google Docs later". People don't have to know that level of detail. We also don't put down WA or direct people to non-WA software. Remember we are guests on thier server.)
  • -If you wish to stream with Scrivener (or another writing software that isn't on WA), please don't put the streaming even on the ASC calendar.   ** WA does not include map making software, so you may use what you like. Should WA contain map making software in the future, mapping will follow the same rule as writing.   3. If you wish to stream non-WA related things, we have two ways to help you bring some attention for those streams. We will have at least one (maybe more) calendars below the main ASC Network calendar on the calendar page. Also, you will have your profile page calendar.   
    Ultimately, it is up to you to grow your audience.
        These are the expectations we need to follow for any ASC Network events posted to the calendar or shared on the WA server. For now your member profile can contain any non-ASC Network events. Directions for setting up multiple calendars are on the How to Create Your ASC Member Profile page.   As stated in point 3 - we will have a secondary calendar. But the calendar system as a whole is being re-looked at. We'll have the secondary calendar or calendars soon. Here's what we expect that to look like.  

    How We Work

    We are a group focused on growing and mentoring new ASC members and supporting each other as streamers and broadcasters. The ASC cannot be used as a means to simply increase a streamer's following. We are an 'all for one and one for all' group and work together.  

    Finding the ASC Around the Web

    Our official home is on our WA page and in the #streamers-corps (channel is open to members only). We also have a Twitter and Facbook page. You can also reach us via email (wa.streamers (at)  

    Working with the ASC

    Official ASC involvement in events must be approved by a vote of the ASC officers.


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