Codename: Baku


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We know little about the tech guru of the Sumichou Underground. They are believed to be one of the group's three leaders.   Baku leaves their symbol, a tapir with 0s and 1s of binary code, in all the communications we have intercepted. Any residents detained and interrogated that have heard of Baku confirm this is the only ID they know the hacker by.   Baku likely infiltrated the Sumichou Techo app, but we have removed all traces and no data has appeared on the dark web. The ki blocking spells, app tech mages, and patrols have increased security to keep the population under control.  
A single ghostly Yokai was briefly seen hovering over the body of Codename: Kappa before the Containment Unit arrived to detain her. The apparition vanished before we could apprehend them.
Last communication intercepted was in the Flowers and Swords Ward of Sumichou.
Report All Leads
To your squad captain or via the Crime Watch section of the Sumichou Techo app.


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N/A. No reconnaissance nor memory extraction images have been obtained.
Bak, Underground Tech Meister
Unknown, though assumed to not be a Baku. Current theory is a Yuurei

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