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The Decaying Expanse

The result of an ancient arcane cataclysm, this desolate wasteland was once a sprawling metropolis. Rocked by numerous earthquakes the ground has opened up in deep jagged chasms, with crystaline shards jutting out like angry twisted teeth. Lava flows throughout the former streets and alleyways, all while a thick purple arcane myst spreads about. Sections of the city have fallen away into the depths, while other sections float ominously.   Throughout this area arcane energies burst and pop randomly, causing mystical effects and summoning forth various monstrosities and aberrations. The arcane mysts coupled with the dark crystaline structures and their distorted reflections moving with dark shadows, have untold effects on the effects of magic.


Formerly a sprawling metropolis, it now stands as a blasted desolate wasteland. Earthquakes rock the area opening great chasms in the ground allowing crystaline shards to protrude at various angles. Buildings have taken on a similar crystaline sheen to those shards. That crystal shows distorted reflections that move with dark shadows. Black and purple flame sweep across the desolate landscape. Arcane energies randomly appear in bursts and pops throughout the Expanse.   Sections of the ground open up allowing swathes of super heated lava to flow in rivers throughout. Deep within the core of the expanse is the former cathedral where the Arcane Cataclysm took place. While the cathedral was previously a structure on the ground like any other structure would be, it now floats over a great void. Purple and black mystical arcane energies support it from beneath. Additionally, this "floating island" has what appears to be an endless flowing arcane purple myst flowing from withing its core.   Surrounding the colossal chasm containing the endless void and the floating cathedral, is large crystaline towers. Some of those towers have rope bridges extending across the chasm to the floating island allowing access to its shores. Many of the rope bridges cross over through these mysts, further increasing the perilous nature of traversing them. Additionally, spending significant amounts of time within the Decaying Expanse results in the corruption of one's self.

Localized Phenomena

Magic works in strange and sometimes random ways within the Decaying Expanse. Couple that with the aura of corruption that emanates from it.


Long ago in an unbeknownst arcane cataclysm a sprawling metropolis was destroyed and turned into a desolate wasteland. A sect of arcane practitioners attempted to perform a ritual far beyond their understanding. This extremely powerful ritual quickly got out of hand and as those arcane practitioners tried to contain it and shut it down. The spell quickly overwhelmed them cracking and splitting the reality around it, sending arcane currents through the surrounding landscape. Those arcane currents rapidly spread throughout the metropolis and caused cataclysmic devastation to the landscape, changing and shaping it into a desolate arcane wasteland.
Alternative Name(s)
The Expanse, The Graveyard of Crystal
Inhabiting Species


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