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Cyrilic Lotus

These extremely rare lotus are only found within the desolate wasteland known as The Decaying Expanse. They grow in pools of stagnant rain water among the crystaline ruins throughout the arcane mysts, glowing with a queer black radiance and humming with arcane energy. Alchemists seek them out for use in their potions.

Basic Information


These dark purple lotus blossoms glow with a queer black radiance, emitting a faint humming of arcane energy.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Cyrillic Lotus typically takes about three days for its root system to grow and bud. Once it has a bud they usually bloom after about a day, from this point they seem to last as long as they have the water to absorb nutrients from.

Ecology and Habitats

Found in the stagnant pools of rain water close the crystaline shards that jut forth from the ground in The Decaying Expanse. Typically they are shrouded in the arcane mysts of the area. The Cyrillic Lotus generally needs at least sixteen inches of water to grow, but can occasionally be found in pools as shallow as eight inches deep.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They feed off the arcane energies of the mysts of The Decaying Expanse, gathering nutrients from the stagnant rain water.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Cyrillic Lotus is used in various potions and poisons. They can be utilized to open up an arcane practitioner to surpass their arcane potential and empower their spells beyond their normal means. However, those potions do have their drawbacks. Ingesting one of these potions opens the consumer up to further corruption, additionally has the potential to weaken and even possibly immobilize one's self.   Some alchemists have managed to craft intricate poisons from the lotus blossoms. It can be used to the opposite effect, weakening the spells all while immobilizing a target and causing corruption. There are even some poisons crafted with them that can be used on those who are not arcane practitioners. It is due to these poisons that the Cyrillic Lotus has earned its other name the Death Bloom.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

This rare variety of lotus is only found in The Decaying Expanse, finding its unique atmosphere perfect for the lotus to thrive.
Scientific Name
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The dark purple flowers sit atop large round green leaves, radiating a queer black glow.
Geographic Distribution


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