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The Dhanuliti Triangle

The Dhanuliti triangle, of course, is not truly a triangle, but when projected on video screens, from certain angles, can appear as a triangle. It is a three dimensional area of space that is unstable, wreaking havoc with ships and crew who venture too close to it's imperceptable boundaries.    It is named for an ancient area on old Earth that exhibited similar mysteries. Sometimes ships are able to pass unharmed and then other times they either disappear or return to the material plane with the crew having miraculous stories of their survival, if they survive and are able to communicate the adventure.   Some researchers believe the area is tied to the gravitational stresses from the four suns of the Dalkit 422 System. This in turn marks Dhanuliti as the next prospective planet to be broken into an asteroid belt as apparently several of the planets in the four suns' systems have previously done.   Working and living in this area of space is considered extremely hazardous as not only is the triangle dangerous, so is the nearest planet that can provide a place for rest and recovery. Dhanuliti is a high gravity world and has it's own set of dangers usually making working in the area a short term job potentially followed by remote research.


An area of space near Dhanuliti known for the gravitational and cosmic disturbances near the planet. The unpredictable nature of the space-time continuum near the planet draws scientists from the galaxy along with the racers who tempt fate by flying around the area as part of the The Poker Run.
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