South Ridge Marches

The South Ridge marches are the southmost tip of Thebia. The march encompasses a big part of the Great Omens Peninsula, the homeland of the Nayan people.   Almost entirely in the Dusk Belt the marches are inhabited by a large variety of mutated creatures that migrate nortwards by crossing the waters of the Iorian Ocean from the The Frozen Gate. Even before the Nayans established their first settlements into the Kadashman Ardi forest the marches have been a breeding ground for seals, penguins, turtles, and some of the aquatic sauran species of the Iorian and Aegean Ocean ocean.   Due to the fact that access to the region is extremely difficult and perilous the marches are almost entirely covered by species of creatures and plants affected by the Seeding. As a concequence, most of the creatures breeding in the marches have undertaken more than one mutation cycle.   The marches are a cold frosted swamp smelling of rotten eggs and the distinct smell of decomposing flesh. The waters of the swamp are mostly salty and are only refreshed during the high tides caused when both Achelois, the Green Moon and Aqua are in alignment and on top of the march, an event that causes a massive flood to the region every 7 to 8 months.   The march has always been a hunting and training ground for the Black Wolves of Naya and an extremely valuable bounty for those brave enough to travel in it.

Natural Resources

The lowlands of the marches are a great resource of easy to get bog iron. In addition the whole of the march provides alchemists and botanists with a plethora of otherwise rare herbs and plants.
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Wetland / Swamp
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This seems like not a fun place to visit, what with it smelling of rotten eggs and decomposing flesh! I wonder if its a plant that smells that way, or if loads of things die here? A great article. :D

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