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The Burrows

This network of tunnels lies beneath the The Sung Mountains (also called the Gornfar Mountains in some regions or dialects). These cave passages are natural, in that they are not carved by human or Rideis hand, but they are not inherent to the rock formation, such as limestone caves, for example. Though the Burrows are located beneath countless tons of solid rock and enjoy no sunlight and little fresh air or water, they are a startlingly vibrant place.  
Near a surface entrance.
Wyrm tunnels vary in size but are generally 10 to 12 feet in diameter, nearly perfectly round. Within the mountains the tunnels form a loose net with irregular intersections, rising and falling within the stone. Openings to the surface are generally smaller than the larger tunnels, often wider than tall. Near such openings, the tunnels look much like more ordinary caves which might be found in any rocky area.  


Deep within the Burrows lies a subtle, tightly-knit ecology. Several species of midges and flies feed on a specialized cave moss which grows on the passage walls. A bioluminescent insect known as Glowclings preys on these flies, luring them with pinpricks of blue-green light. In turn, the moss, specially adapted to this false sun, uses this light to grow.  

  There are larger creatures within the mountain caves as well. In fact, these passages are the result of their activity, literal burrows. While shallow explorations are highly unlikely to result in an encounter, the explorer is advised to listen well while descending. Be alert for that deep resonance, too deep for the human or Rideis ear but perceptible as a vibration in the chest or even as a vague feeling of unease. That sensation is normal and nearly ubiquitous throughout the Burrows. If it intensifies, however, it can be an indication of proximity to a nesting site. It goes without saying that one does not wish to stumble upon a clutch and alarm one or two parents.
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Images by Laura VAB and 2il, used with CC permission.

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