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Firen Volcanic Range


The Firen Volcanic Range is a lot like a mountain range, it's just that every one of the mountains is a volcano that constantly has lava pouring out of it. And the sulphur gas. And all the ash. But basically a mountain range. Just deadlier.   All that constant active volcano stuff makes the region pretty inhospitable to most animals and Elementals who aren't well adapted to the heat. Much like the rest of the continent that it is on, no water can be found above ground. Instead, the Volcanic range is the source for the only form of river on the Firen continent. Every lava river finds its beginning here.   During winter, the risk of lahars increases and are common for when eruptions do occur within the regions. Pyroclastic flows also occur throughout the year. Both of these events make building structures in the region difficult, as these flows are adept at destroying them.   Soil temperatures are extremely hot, and most of the ground is covered in hardened lava flows. Geysers do erupt, however the scalding hot water that is shot out is unable to collect anywhere like a lake or such.


Despite the brutal environment, the living inhabitants of the Firen continent are well adapted to things like heat and no accessible water. Mosses grow in even the slightest soil, and herbivores eat them. Most of the water is found within the trees of the region, with roots that stretch deep in the ground to gather the water. These long, thick roots protect them from the pyroclastic flows that would uproot them. From here, most of the food chain gets their water from the blood of the herbivores they eat. No matter how inhospitable, the lava pools are teeming with life. Rocky lizards that spend their days catching moths that dance around like ash above the molten rock. Small fish swim in the pools as if they are water, happily eating the small plant life that hangs over the pools, growing towards the light of the lava. It's almost enough to forget about the fact that anything not from here would die in a second, and that any non-Fire Elemental has to wear a gas mask and a heat-resistant suit to even visit.


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