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The Caves of Luan

You would never believe it until you see it. A caves upon caves; hot, humid and swamplike. It is nothing like I have ever seen before.
— Wonders of the Long Lost Wanderer
  In the mountains of The Atlassian, but primarily under Mount Stoll lies a unique cave system: the Caves of Luan. These caves tunnel under the mountains, yet they have flora and fauna like you would see in a true swamp.


The tunnels of Luan twist and turn underneath the mountains. Sometimes, there are huge open areas, sometimes it's just corridors. Most of the surfaces are littered with plantlife and water. Stalagtites cover the ceiling, slowly dripping the condensed water back onto the floor. The fairly higher temperatures caused by the interiors of Mount Stoll result in a very humid and hot environment.

Fauna & Flora

The hostile environment of the caves makes life hard in the caves. Oxygen is a bit scarse due to the high humidity. Still, there are a few species that are able to survive here.  

The Dramon

The Dramon are a group of black dragons and half dragons. They live as a big family in the caves, safe from the outside world. They have the ability to breathe both oxygen and water, allowing them to compensate for the lack of oxygen in the caves and using the high humidity to their advantage.  


The Lurantia is a swamp plant which provides a major lifeline to many of the Luan inhabitants. They used to live in the outdoors, but have somehow made their way into the caves. The only thing they lack is some form of light to grow and nurse themselves.  


Over time, they have adjusted themselves to form a symbiosis with the Dramon. The dragons provide the plants with care, using a gentle flame to give them the light they need. In return, the plants make sure that there is plenty life and water within the caves for the dragons to survive.
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