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The Foothills of Jorim

The Foothills of Jorim were created and thusly named after a devastating mud and rock slide buried the town of Jorim and now wreak havoc on the regions southwest of the site formerly known as Jorim.


The former site of the village of Jorim and its surrounding landscape have been buried under an estimated 20 feet of mud and boulders from the mountains. Three sheer cliffs now noted along the Jorim facing mountains is presumed to be the source of the materials under which the village lays.


The Slide of '43, as to which it is now referred, has snuffed out all vegetation beneath the heavy thick layer. The existing surface is now devoid of fertile soil and thus cannot sustain any type of vegetation. The streams formerly flowing form the mountainside have been cutoff or filled in by the mud and rocks. Ecological and commercial partnerships have been formed to put to use clear/reuse the boulders to restore the area to it previous state and but to restore the downstream water supply to towns and farms to the southeast of where Jorim once stood.


The Foothills of Jorim were formerly known simply as the Foothills of Prosperity. When the mudslide of '43 came it buried the village of Jorim decimating the village. Shortly after the mudslide, the rock and boulders, loosened by the flowing waters of the mountains, sealed the villages' fate for years to come. The devastation went unnoticed for weeks until the spring caravans arrived to exchange goods and services for the expected villages winter and early spring exports.   Those few that directly survived the mudslide and subsequent rockfall had found themselves with few supplies and quickly succumbed to the harshness of their newly blighted lands.


Since the devastation at Jorim, tourism consists of archaeological teams excavating the site and cartographers recording and updating maps of the area, skyline of the mountains, and new or lost geographical landmarks.
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