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The Wilds of Saumai

The night on Saumai is death. Where there lurks shadows, there lurk ghosts—vestiages of the dead past of Saumai, of a time that refuses to move on. These shadows are just another thing dragging the world to a halt. Another tick in the countdown.

The wilderness of Saumai offers little life, and what life it does offer is as harsh and volatile as the rest of the world. The main danger is the Geists.

"Aye, I made it to Saumai. Didn't last three days on it before I came rushing home with my tail between my legs, though. Crash-landed out in the wilderness some 40 clicks west of my intended target of Gorshi. There's a gaping hole in my memory for most of it—I had to piece it back together days later by reviewing all the footage from the outer cams."

"It was surreal to see myself staggering around as the shadows in the dark danced around me. At times I joined them, posessed with laughter. At times I ran from them, and when they caught me they scratched at me until my skin was frozen and brittle and cracking. They comforted me as I cried. They carried me to the door of my ship, then dragged me out... out... out into the darkness. The man that returned was deeply wounded and crying. I am not even sure if it was truly myself who returned, or if I'm just another haunt left by Saumai.

— The man with a distant stare

Cover image: The Saumain Crow by Ademal via Midjourney


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