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Mourning Veil

Mourning Veil is a type of fungal flower which grows on Saumai. It's hardy and dense, rising despite snow, sleet, and all other manner of freeze. At full growth, it reaches close to 3 meters in height.

The Veil is named for its appearance during spore season, which happens once every 60-90 days. During sporing season, the fungal cap swells and begins to shed, creating the striking appearance of a flowing cloak and mourning veil, complete with a sallow face which weeps sap and spores. Deformities are common, but at least one in ten will leave the impression.

The Mourning Veil was invented by the Masons shortly before the fall of the planet. When they grew they face east, giving the impression that they are an army marching collectively towards the east.

The spores are poisonous as all hell, but if you follow in their wake and chop them down, you'll find that they've turned the rock beneath their feet into a fine sand. Throw in some mulch, some shit, some worms, and all that, and you'll have yourself a farm in a few years.

Just better hope you don't see Veils cropping up in your farm, otherwise your time was wasted. By the time you see one, your whole crop's been infected.

— Saumaian farmer


Mourning Veil grows in pockets all around Saumai.

It's particularly striking in the fields leading up to the northern end of Vien, where the towering procession of fungi seem to be marching past the entrance, dismissing it.

We passed through at night, and for kilometers all we saw were their heads tilted against the wind, bloody sap dripping from their chins.

— Lysjho Goldmane

Cover image: The Saumain Crow by Ademal via Midjourney


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