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Danakil Desert

Written by Pookas Kreations

At the center of the Danakil desert is a tall, harsh spire. It can be seen for many miles around.


It is a very active, volcanic landscape dotted with lava beds, rivers of sulfuric acid, hot mineral springs, and salt lakes. It has both the highest and lowest places on Teranik. Temperatures during the day can reach as height as 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and often fall as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night. True rain is scarce in this land, more often falling as acid rain.

Localized Phenomena

Whenever you near one of the entrances to the planes, there are visual effects like auras and dancing lights, as well as a song particular to each one.   The Shadow Plane has a discordant tune, Fire as a energetic strident tune, while Earth has a slow, deep one.

Fauna & Flora

All forms of insect and reptile life abound here; what mammals are here are mostly nocturnal. The whole area is inhospitable to life, only the hardiest of creatures can survive here. Not much native life has been able to survive the species that crossed over from the various Rifts. These creatures are stronger and more able to survive the corruption that resulted from the Chaos Wars and the overshadowing of the Planes that have bled over to this one. Some of the Planes that crossed over here were the Plane of Shadow, Fire, and Earth. These planes only cross over in certain areas, especially where they overlap and are “thinner.”   Even under such harsh conditions, the desert is home to a few humanoids and many species that came through the Rifts. During the day the majority of these people take shelter underground, of course, some revel in the heat, especially those that came from the Plane of Fire.

Natural Resources

Various rocks and minerals are available. Salt, phosphorus, zinc, lithium, cobalt, iron, silver, copper, etc.


The Rifts came into being during the turbulent times of the Chaos Wars. Both sides expended enormous amounts of energy in one large conflict. The energy collided with such force that it caused multiple tears in space and time, thus opening various Rifts to other Planes and times.
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