The Phesun Crags

The Phesun Crags are an area in the northwestern Phesunlay and northeastern Konard, extending somewhat into southeastern Varenval, which were created during the Great Borean War. These areas were originally rolling hills with a few forests and a particularly large valley, but they became major battlegrounds during the Great Borean War and they were significantly destroyed and altered as a result.   The crags now largely consist of jagged and rocky terrain, with nearly all plant life destroyed by fire and other magical means, as well as human traffic. Many trenches and small caves and other earthworks were constructed or built in the Crags, though they now lay completely abandoned by any permanent humans of any of those nations. There are several collapsed stone forts and other structures in the crags, long since collapsed by the effects of time and the few looters were stupid enough to venture into the crags.   From an elevated vantage point, it is possible to see across the crags to where plants grow once again, but there are no established safe paths through the area. While some efforts have been made by residents of Konard to rehabilitate some of the land, even areas stripped of stones and tilled do not bear crops and thunderstorms seem to settle into the now rocky valley more frequently than elsewhere.   It is largely believed that most areas of the crags would reveal countless bodies beneath the stone and rubble, if anyone were ever to try to clear it. However, many historians also warn that there are likely numberous magic traps beneath the rubble which have gone un-sprung for countless eochs.    For those who worship Est, the Phesun Crags are seen as proof of the power of their faith, and many pilgrims will venture to the crags to take a stone home with them for their alter or place of worship. At one point, the Estuary, the main religious group that worships Est, attempted to construct a temple on the outskirts of the crags. However, they unknowingly built it spanning over the border between Phesunlay and Konard and were forced to dismantle it. All that remains of that building is a small shine to Est, consisting of a path of cleared rocks leading to a small hole dug into the earth, that the faithful come and pour water into.


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