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Emaxus is currently undergoing a large entry into a new Age (and a large revision of the current Age). Consider this an active construction zone: things are moving around, getting changed, and the world's being reorganized. Apologies for the inconvenience!
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Nilion's Ribs

When the world quaked under the battles of the Reckoning, nowhere was the fighting worse than in the megacontinent of Drumis. Once, the greatest bastions of civilization sprawled across the vast landmass, covering mountain and valley alike. But when the Reckoning brought the beauty and splendor of the Age of Rebirth to a cataclysmic finish, the biggest powers fell the hardest. Countless kingdoms fell alongside the gods they fought for, and few places experienced worse devastation than the region now known as Nilion's Ribs.   What exactly transpired in the mountain range is unknown, but whatever the region was before the Reckoning is lost to time. Now, the aptly named range is noted for its eighteen jagged, elongated peaks, running parallel in pairs from the southwest to the northeast, sprawling nearly eight hundred miles and reaching well over ten thousand feet into the skies. The curved, bowl-like valley between these pairs (aptly named Nilion's Ribcage) is a barren, rocky geothermal hotspot. What little life that can eke out an existence here are either mutated monstrosities or horrid magical fungi that subsist off the geothermal activity of the region and each other. Survival of the fittest is an understatement, considering most things natural and good avoid Nilion's Ribs like the plague, and what few creatures that do live within the vast, barren range are alien and unknowable.   Some believe that a god may have fallen here, alongside the ruins of an ancient military superpower, and the devastation of those two entities' defeats created the utterly strange geography and environment of the region. But, like almost all of Drumis, Nilion's Ribs is alien, mysterious, and unbelievably hostile.
"Aye, ye can see Nilion's Ribs from the coastline of that gods-forsaken land. Jagged peaks of stone that stretch and twist into tha' sky, disappearing inta' clouds o' acid rain an' dragon tyrants. Aye... ye'd be best ta' avoid tha' place, ya would." - A veteran sailor, answering a young dwarf's questions.
Mountain Range


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