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Nirthr Peninsula (nurthir)

Located partially within the arctic zone of the known world, the Peninsula of Nirthr is a tundra and one of the farthest places with known permanent settlements. In the northeast of the Dala Ice plains, the peninsula juts into the Great Northern Sea. Due to the tundra, icy wastes, and frozen mountains to Nirthr's west, northwest, and south; the land is quite isolated by even northern standards. While the land is harsh, with only berries, roots, and mushrooms growing in any great quantities, there is abundant reindeer in the lands along the southern coast, to the east of the icy Nirthr Mountains.


Most of Nirthr is desolate tundra, however a small zone of taiga graces the southern coast, allowing for the Davans to develop reindeer herding and a nomadic lifestyle that has sustained them for at least 800 years. To the southwest is the Nirthr Mountains, a small range of mountains protecting the grazing lands from competing clans of giants to the south and west. The highest point in Nirthr is Jumala Mountain.   Fjords dominate the eastern coast, though most are frozen for part of the year. Inland from the coasts is the Dala Ice Plains, the harshest of the tundra where only a few survive. The peninsula's total landmass is approximately 138,000 square kilometers. The peninsula is bordered on it's north and eastern sides by the Great Northern Sea, and by the Gulf of Korthl to the southeast.

Ecosystem Cycles

Nirthr is primarily arctic tundra, so there are two main seasons, winter and summer. During the winter it is cold and dark, with the average temperature around −28 °C. The summer is comparatively warmer, with daytime temperatures rising to about 12 °C, although it can drop back below freezing overnight. The days are longer in the summer as well, and in the extreme north of the peninsula, the winter is dark for weeks.

Localized Phenomena

It is difficult to explore the Nirthr Peninsula due to it's hash conditions, and the Dala-Dava who reside there have been surviving for as long as they have through conservation of resources. However, various myths from Dala-Davan folklore have spoken of rumour oasis from hot springs, guarded by mysterious entities and creatures.

Fauna & Flora

The soil is frozen at least 25 cm deep, making it impossible for trees to grow. Flora is limited to lichen, moss, and small shrubs. Lichen and moss sustains a healthy reindeer population, which has been domesticated by the Davans for almost 1,000 years. A few species of flowering plants are present, such as the Davan billberry and Nirthr Mountain Laurel.
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