Secondary landing zone

Using the most sophisticated technology mankind possess they created a new lander vehicle to take a look on the surface of venus. The lander was made of a very heat resistant hull, a small ion reactor and all build inside a spheroid magnetic carrier or contactless-skin sphere. The equipment is kept in place insiode a sphere that is magentically held in place. the sphere is hollow and contains absolute vaccuum. There is no heat transfer medium, and radiation heat is used to generate energy. The sphere inside the sphere is floating and filled with a hyper coolant. (the dissipation is done via a mini=quantum-portal.)
  After several hours down on the surface the lander is still calibrating. Then the first telemetry is recieved and the surface of the planet is shown. A barren and death world. glowing rocks and featureless surroundings. It's spectacular and boring at the same time. via a displacement jump of only several kilometers the probe is capable of deploying probes. The probes dont have much defense against the harsh winds and acid rainor the blistering heat and they break down within an hour. (some survive longer, some shorter.)   On one occasion there was something moving and someone suggested that it looked like something resembling a ratlike living creature, but there was not enough data, or image quality. The drone dissolved seconds later. It was thought to be a glitch.
several days of investigation didn't reveal anything unusual or out of the ordinary. just rocks, heated air, explosive vents and acid rain. heavy cloudcovers. Several days and almost at the end of the scientific period, dr. Anna Morat requested to investigate the large canyon. that was visiblle on radar tellemetry from the orbiter around the planet. The last jump was it. the drone was set out to investigate and there it was. A metropolis. dead but showing clearly what could be a large alien city.
and then the drone went dead.


The thick atmosphere is carbon dioxide. The clouds are sulphuric acid. (poisonous to humans.) We know for sure that there are no living organisms on the surface. The pressure on Venus' surface is more then 90 times that of Earth.


The acid clouds have softened the face of the planet. the heat 450-500 celcius, makes the acid return to the clouds and thats most of the cycle.

Ecosystem Cycles

There are no seasons.

Natural Resources

unknown so far.
Location under


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