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Lulencia Mountains

The Lulencia Mountains of Romaya are an arctic wasteland that few creatures can withstand. While the mountains closest to Belisa see the fair seasons and weather of the city, anything farther north is deemed a death sentence for most mortals. The cold that plagues them is unnatural and seldom rolls into the land below. This is due to the Great Wyrm that calls the Lulencia Mountains home; a white dragon called Inoth, the Voiceless One.   Inoth has claimed the mountains as her territory and the only ones brave enough to settle in her domain are tribes of yetis. Resources are scarce atop the mountains, though an occasional pack of aurochs will wander through. For the most part, the yetis turn to the caverns to hunt and scavenge. Frost giants used to call the mountains home, but they went extinct long ago, the only reminder of their existence being some tools and trinkets.   The caverns are ripe with goblin dogs, giant centipedes, and kobolds. Rumors of ancient treasures has lured some foolish adventurers in, most of them dying from the elements or becoming a yetis next meal.


It's a craggy mountain range with many caverns and tunnels that wind throughout. Natural springs have formed over time, spilling into rivers that make their way down to the valley, providing the population with fresh water. On the northern side of the range is the coastline and to the southern edge is a large river that winds past Belisa and an elven encampment.   The mountain peaks are topped with snow and are usually shrouded in raging blizzards, so travel is impossible without magical means. Some cavern entrances are cleverly hidden beneath the snow, presenting another hazard for anyone traveling through the region.


There isn't much in way of life up in the Lulencia Mountains. Frost resistant breeds of hawks and eagles perch among the remains of bare trees, catching frost worms and snow hares. Tribes of yetis are spread throughout the range and given the heights they live at, it's much easier to hunt in the caverns rather than take part in any raids on the cities below. The caves are teeming with life, chock full of all sorts of fungi, such as Lady's Lace Mold. Packs of goblin dogs roam the tunnels, mauling any smaller rodents that call Lulencia their home. Giant centipedes are another common sight, providing ample protein for starving yetis.   Deeper in the tunnels, tribes of kobolds have built settlements that see frequent raids by yetis or even Inoth herself. While uncommon, their have been stories of wendigo crawling down from the mountains to hunt mortals that stray too far from the city walls.

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Extreme, raging blizzards shroud the peaks of the mountains to keep Inoth hidden from any prying eyes.
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