The Desolation

The area on the eastern edge of the western continent it is a huge desert of dark purple sand which is so different from the areas around it, to the eastern side is the shattered lands of the Volcanic, crevasses and rifts that scholars say is created by the two parts of the lands ripping apart from each other. The sand is very fine and feels sharp like grit rather than the softer sand of the islands and beaches on the eastern continent., None have gone that far into the desert, due to the harsh conditions. the sand seems like it pulls water from the surrounding area, so any water you bring with you doesn't last long, either your own body seems to have the water pulled out of it. None can survive more than few hours in the lands. And with just the little explore from the north and south shores is a land of quicksand, cavernous opening as your reach the top of one dune you see the land disappear the other side into a dark hole that drops away into the deeps.


The land is that of purple sands, dunes and sinkholes that drop into the depths below. Something cause water to drawn away bodies, and waterskins. At night the sands give off a slight aluminous glow from some unknow reaction between it and the environment.

Fauna & Flora

Natural Resources

Many believe the sands would have useful properties if it could be study and experimented on, but so far no one’s brought out more than a small handful of sand, as the water drawing affect seems to be more powerful when taken away from the sands, and the almost zero humidity of the Desolation and taking it into a more normal environment creates an exponential increase in the affect to a point that nothing can survive near it, and a number of ships have been found with dried out corpses of sailors with just a small chest of sand.


The great migration must have cross this land in ancient pre history but no modern scholar as any idea how they could have survived it. Was the desolation part of what caused those great migrations of the people from the West to the East. We may never know but one day maybe.
Inhabiting Species


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