Wurms that are seen within the Desolation, seem to be unaffected by the water draw that everything else within the lands is affected by. They were sighted by scholars from the University while doing some testing on the water drawing affect of the area and how long could a human or other species survive on the sands. One of these creatures turned up within half an hour of any living creatures setting foot onto the sands. Almost as if they were attracted by a potential food source. Only one casulty as every been reported from a Wurm and that was during the first discovery of them when a young member of the support staff of the lead scholar was swollen whole by one of the creatures.

Basic Information


Wurms are long, they been seen up to 80 feet in length and there may well be ancient older ones which are longer, and up to 10 feet in diameter

Genetics and Reproduction

The worms mate rarely and females lay eggs at this time, these eggs are left in sheltered locations within the desert and when the hatching breaks out they know instinctively how to fend for themselves and burrow underground and are not seen until matured.

Growth Rate & Stages

Wurms grow around to around 30 feet in the first year of growth, and continually grow after that as far as any scholar been able to tell.

Ecology and Habitats

The Desolation is the only known place that these worms are seen above ground, but they spend majority of their time burrowing though the earth below so who knows how far they actually travel.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They eat anything and everything which would give them nutrients, planet, animal or sentient creature that gets in their way. They seem to eat mostly other smaller burrowing animals underground as not much lives on the sands of the Desolation.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They seem to sense movement around them via vibrations though ground, its almost impossible to hide from them if you close enough for them to feel you move, either a slightest heartbeat seems to be enough to attract them.
Average Length
80 feet
Geographic Distribution


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