The Lord's Throne

Scraping the sky

No one should attempt to climb that mountain. The very thought of it is blasphemous.
— A priest of Faolan, the Lord of Earth
  The Lord's Throne is a large mountain in the Teeth, located at the northern edge of the range. Measuring from sea level, It is officially the tallest mountain in the whole of Etrea, reaching 8874m at its summit. The top half of the mountain is permanently covered in ice and snow, and is often battered by violent storms. On most days, the summit of the Lord's Throne is shrouded in clouds, which adds to the mythos around the mountain.   It is sacred to people in both Kaien and Serukis, as it is believed that Faolan, the Lord of Earth watches over his people from its top. Some argue that the mountain should be the throne of Trestan, the Lord of Ice instead, and there are plenty of stories of the two gods engaging in calamitous battles all across the Teeth. On one notable occasion, a large landslide sheared several metres off the top of the mountain, which some claim to be evidence of Trestan's victory over Faolan.
It is considered by many to be sacreligious to attempt to climb the mountain, though that has not stopped several people from making the attempt. The most famous of these attempts is also the most recent. High Lord Edmund Ereth funded an expedition as he believed that his family, whose patron is the Lord of Ice, should have the first successful summit attributed to them. The expedition party, who did not return, included two of Ereth's sons - though, notably, not his heir.

Cover image: by Clémence Bergougnoux


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