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The Bleakwind Basin

Written by Loremaster Aemon


  The Bleakwind Basin is a huge Rift in the earth that stretches for several hundred miles in the Northern Wastes (In the region later to be known as Thar).  

At a Glance.....

The Basin at its upper end, before it slopes downwards is huge, stretching for miles (thirty miles wide at its widest point, to as little as six miles wide at its narrowest, lowest point). The snow-covered Valley steadily drops thousands of feet into the depths until reaching the bottom which is several miles down (with a depth at anywhere from a few thousand feet to four miles at its deepest).  


  The upper terrain is snow-covered rock and soil which due to erosion and the violent storms of this region cause frequent landslides. Deep in the basin a vast ancient woodland has grown and thrived as the climate at this depth is much warmer than above. The woodland has many freshwater streams, marshland, and several species of tree, plant, and fungi. The woodland is also home to Boar, Deer, Elk, Wolf, and Wild Fowl among other woodland beasts.  


  The woodland is home to many dangers, with Orc and Goblinoid settlements and wandering tribes. Hill Giants, Frost Giants, Northern White Tigers, and Northern Bears can be found in the depths, but tend to live and hunt higher up the valley. Some plants and fungi can be poisonous, others deadly, so beware. The Bleakwind Basin is probably one of the most inhospitable places in the Northern Wastes, if not the whole of Kelldoria.  


  Scholars have agreed that the Gorge was created by a falling meteor from the sky when only the Giants roamed the realms during the Era of creation. The burning rock hit the earth creating the thirty-mile wide, three thousand feet deep Gorge, and its continuing speed sliced through the rock and soil for over two hundred miles, cutting deeper as it travelled into the earth and finally coming to a stop after reaching a depth of four miles. Whether this is true will never be known unless there is some written confirmation recorded somewhere.

Weather and Climate

  Mild Summers (10 degrees, steadily getting warmer, until reaching 15 to 20 degrees at its deepest point), The upper reaches are Cold to well below Freezing Autumn/Winter (0 to -30 degrees,). The area suffers from violent storms (all seasons), and brutal blizzards during the winter months.

Fauna & Flora


  • Deer
  • Boar
  • Elk
  • Wild Fowl
  • Northern White Tiger
  • Northern Bear
  • Wolves


  • Pine Trees
  • Birch Trees

Natural Resources

  • Stone
  • Timber
  • Fresh Water
  • Freshwater Fish
  • Northern Bear (Food, Fur, Teeth & Claws)
  • Northern White Tiger (Hide, Teeth & Claws)
  • Boar (Food, Hide & Tusks)
  • Deer (Food, Hide & Antlers)
  • Elk (Food, Hide & Antlers)
  • Wild Fowl (Food & Feathers)
  • Wolf (Fur, Teeth & Claws)
by Rohit Tandon
Alternative Name(s)
The Bleakwind Gorge, The Bleakwind Rift, The Bleakwind Valley
Gorge / Rift
Inhabiting Species


  The Orcs of the region believe the Stone Giant God Skoraeus Stonebones hurled a rock at their God Gruumsh 'One Eye' during a battle. The rock missed Gruumsh causing the great rift in the earth.
Loremaster Aemon by artbreeder

Aemon's Lore....

The Orcs of the region believe the Stone Giant God Skoraeus Stonebones created the rift after hurling a rock at their God Gruumsh.   We, scholars, have agreed, unless some form of written record can be found, The Bleakwind Valley was created by a falling meteor many thousands of years ago.

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Cover image: by Jan Huber


Author's Notes

This article was originally a published stub of less than 50 words. I decided I wanted to use this Location in Summer Camp 2021 so I reset the date.

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