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Underground Paris

The Underground Paris is an extension of the 13th and 14th arrondissement built in the depths of Paris. Part of the old mines of Paris have been developed into a district. Completed in 2040, the underground of Paris was a luxurious district until the earthquake of April 14, 2051. The underground was partially destroyed and the area became a haven for homeless and junkie and a battleground for the Misérables and the Dragon Koi.  

A Luxurious Project

  The architect François Bord proposed the project in 2022 to the Paris City Hall. The idea is to build a hundred very large villas in the heart of the mines of Paris. Air and light are led to the depths with a system of innovative shafts and the windows of the houses are replaced by new generation screens that display different landscapes. These 129 villas have been sold at auction to stars, politicians and business leaders for an average price of €20,000/m².  

Life after the Earthquake

  The earthquake of April 14 caused several thousand deaths in Paris, many of them in the underground villas. The instability of the underground led Paris to condemn them. In 2083, following Marianne's announcement, the Misérables and the Dragon Koi began to reorganize the underground to hide their activities from the omniscient eye of Marianne.   Today, the underground is the most inhospitable area of Paris. More than five thousand people die every year in the underground due to cave-ins, Underworld Rat, overdose or murder. The underground is the area of a territorial war between the Miserable and the Koi Dragons. Marianne has no vision in the underground and the police have no authority.
Alternative Name(s)
The Catacombs, The Hell
Underground / Subterranean
Contested By
Inhabiting Species

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