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The Leaking Caverns

Location and Topography

The Caverns are located in the Old World section of Centoria, away from the coastline in the dryer climate areas. They are bordered by a mountain range at one end. This area is defined by its majority infertile land and dense rock outcroppings. This area does not classify as a mountainous region or a desert region but it has characteristics of both. The Caverns are accessed using the canyons located in the area with most of them having at least one entrance, with the largest one having about four or five. They seem to connect between the Canyons and extend a large distance under ground, going deeper than they do spread across the land.  


The Caverns are a mostly underground network of tunnels that open in to numerous large caverns While they span enough area to have entrances into multiple canyons they don't spread out over much area. The Caverns go incredibly deep into the ground. The caves and caverns are incredibly dark, having almost no sunlight that reach even the entrance of the caves. The caves are damp, and have a single connected stream that comes in through one of the canyons entrances and has been manufactured to split down different caves. The Caverns are infamous for being long and twisted pathways, there are numerous legends of people getting lost and never emerging again. There is little to no plant and animal life in the caves.   The Caverns are mainly considered inhospitable due to the limited ability for life to exist in a dark environment with little food and clean water. Additionally there are numerous eye witness accounts that otherworldly being have been seen in the caves trying to find a way out. The Caverns exist as a place in the world where the barrier between planes of existence is thinner, as such things sometimes come through and attempt to make their way out. While the Caverns are most connected to the Underdark things from the plane of fire and the astral plane have also been known to come through. Breaching into the Caverns themselves from another plane is not considered a full transition, and the beings that come across are still tied to their home plane and will return at the end of 24 hours if they do not make their way out of the cave system.  


There are several myths surrounding the Caverns, most of the sharing similar themes and devices that the Caverns are inescapable and there are monsters lurking in the shadows. There are a few creation myths about the Caverns and the caves that connect them and but most depict it as something was encased in a cavern and was searching for a way out.
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