Desert of Tyra


Along the coastline to the north and east, the desert is lush with fertile land that produces most of the fruit eaten by the residents of the desert. As one moves further east, the land turns to barren sand. With an ocassional oasis for comfort, most of the desert is void of life, simply endless miles of sand dunes waiting to swallow unsuspecting travelers.

Natural Resources

While much of the desert is barren, the easily accesible coast line has made fishing a very profitable industry. In the heart of the desert also lies a large oasis known for it's fruits and vegetables. The soil of the oasis itself is considered sacred for its fertility and a large sect of Pteropun took on protecting the oasis from harm.   Eventually the nameme Monastary was founded by the tending Pteropun. Due to the sparcity of rain, water is hauled in from the coast in times of more severe draught to protect the crops. The resulting crops are passed out to the needy in nearby villages or sent to the capitol as tribute to the emperor.


The Desert of Tyra has long been the home to the Pteropun and the Agaun'di. When the Praetorim came on land, a small portion of them chose the heated desert rather than the Jungle of Zant for their home. Following The Celestial Calamity a number of Moloch'orr and Vampyrum migrated to the land, escaping the ongoing persecution and bloodshed of the Abyssal Chambers  The Pteropun and, to a small degree, the Agaun'di that rule the deserts were initally very distrusting of the newcomers, but have since become more accepting. The Agaun'di, especially, have been willing to take in the Vampyrum and Molo'chorr refugees, tending to them in body and soul.
Inhabiting Species

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